A Great Source of Energy

We now have an alternative product for you as a viable alternative to the high priced conventional fertilizers.  Nutri-Pel is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and doesn’t require watering in during the application stage as it will stay on the soil until it rains or irrigation activates the soil microbes that break it down into its nutrients.

Nutri-Pel can be used as a complete lawn fertility program or with other products as part of your program.  When you use Nutri-Pel as part of an overall program, do not over apply nitrogen fertilizer.  You should be applying, depending on your location and grass type, one pound of nitrogen per application, three to six times per year.

You can use Nutri-Pel for your vegetable gardens and stay at ease with children around, as it is an excellent and safe fertilizer for all plants that grow outdoors.  Children and pets can safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Nutri-Pel.

Nutri-Pel can be applied in the Summer and during drought periods as the fertilizer does not contain any salts that would burn plant leaves during the dry or hot periods.  Additionally, Nutri-Pel can be applied any time during the growing season and it is suitable for your climate and growing conditions.

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